It looks unique: the vibrant color of rust. And like more and more. And 'the Corten, a high-strength steel from the only mechanical and aesthetic characteristics. The name is derived from its two main characteristics: high corrosion resistance (cor-rosion resistance) and high resistance to tensile stress (ten-sile strength).


A singular feature of Cor-Ten is the natural oxidation of the material in contact with the air, instead of continuing to corrode the material, stops and forms a protective coating with an extraordinary aesthetic effect. At the end of this natural process every single profile or clipping of Corten steel has chromatic effects from the different shades and each piece becomes a unique and exclusive.


The corten steel is used to make heavy structural work, sculptures, pieces of furniture for interior and exterior panels for cladding buildings, and increasingly the windows and curtain walls. The high values of mechanical strength of steel corten permit the construction of doors and windows from the large size and weight, and excellent performance with very low profile sections. This results in a lower visual impact and brightness within the premises.

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