Friday, 10 October 2014
Decisions for an energy efficient home or deficient
Many Italians are talking about it, at home, at work, with friends, in forums: you should decide some work on the house! The bills are high, the unpredictable weather, the house has its own... more »
Tuesday, 27 May 2014
Market growth Doors - Interconnection C. for Western Europe - Freedonia Inc. for U.S.
Market Western EuropeInterconnection Consulting, a market research analyzes the frames market in Western Europe until 2018.Year in which according to the study there will be an exponential growth... more »
Friday, 16 May 2014
project- Workshop design and redevelop sustainable
 DFV architecture division - PuntoDFV, participated, attended and sponsored the workshop organized by Action Group together with the Order of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and... more »
Tuesday, 28 January 2014
Replacement of windows: the process for the bonus by 65%
The replacement of windows is one of the energy efficiency of buildings which, by the end of 2014, entitles you to take advantage of the deduction of 65%, as confirmed by the last Stability... more »

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